Our Process

The mission of the Voting Rights Project of Chicago Lawyers’ Committee is to prevent, reduce, and eliminate barriers to voting and civic participation, especially in communities of color and low-income communities, to ensure that each eligible citizen is able to cast a ballot and make her voice heard. We do this through data-driven analysis, training and education, comprehensive election protection, advocacy and litigation to enforce and defend strong election laws and policies. We believe in working together with election officials to resolve problems wherever possible.

How we assist voters who report voting rights issues


Reporting voting rights issues to Chicago Lawyers’ Committee helps us take action in the following ways:


Community Outreach

We lead training and education efforts in Chicago and surrounding communities to ensure that voters know their rights; election officials understand and follow the correct laws, policies and procedures; and that all concerned individuals know how to access legal assistance when problems arise.


Legislative Reform

We develop our advocacy initiatives in close coordination with community organizations to dismantle barriers that disproportionately burden people of color, immigrants and low-income communities. We collaborate with community groups to develop better laws, policies and procedure to ensure voter access. For example, we continue to advocate for Automatic Voter Registration, while drafting new legislation based on our experiences.



Working with a trained corps of volunteer attorneys from partner laws firms, we fight for enforcement of strong election laws in state and federal courts, and we defend these laws when they are challenged, including Election Day Registration and campaign finance laws.


Administrative Reform

We coordinate election protection efforts and voting rights advocacy in the Midwest, including efforts to strengthen ballot access for people in the criminal justice system. Leveraging the strength of volunteer attorneys and a strong relationship with the national Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, we work to protect fair elections and ensure that every eligible voter can exercise their most basic and fundamental right – the right to vote. We believe in working together with election officials to resolve problems wherever possible.

Please contact us to get involved with the Voting Rights Project of Chicago Lawyers’ Committee:

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Voice: (312) 630-9744
Web: www.clccrul.org

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