Voting Matters.

During the 2016 general election, Chicago Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights ran a hotline (866-OUR-VOTE) to assist people experiencing problems trying to vote. More than 300 legal volunteers were trained to answer phone calls from voters and poll workers and to monitor hundreds of polling places throughout Chicago and the suburban counties. We collected all the data from Illinois to show you how different voters faced various barriers to the polls. By understanding these diverse voter experiences, we can modernize and strengthen our democracy together.

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The Voting Experience

Leading up to Election Day

Number of reported issues per day during election season:


Breaking it Down

There were 1082 reported voting issues during election season in Illinois. The vast majority, 860 reported issues, fell into three main categories: Ballot, Registration, and Polling Place issues. Although voters from all corners of Illinois contact us with their problems, we focus most of our resources on the greater Chicago area because most Illinois voters live in that region.  The information presented below likely reflects this. Dive into each category below and click on the links to explore them in depth.

Ballot Issues: 79

Quantitative Data


Registration Issues: 230

Quantitative Data


Polling Place Issues: 546

Quantitative Data

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